Thursday, 5 April 2012

ZawGyi Alpha Unicode For Gmail and Gtalk
  Many people complain about typing Myanmar in Gtalk and Gmail. So, can see but cannot type, some cannot see and cannot type. Some know how to install the font but some do not. But here are the steps that can be used to install myanmar fonts that required for both Gtalk and Gmail. you only need to download and install the following program.
 1) click on the link here Alpha_ZawGyi
2) click on the  Arrow Icon(upside down) from the up-right corner of window to download and save the file on your desktop
3) Extract the zip-file.
4) Double click on the Set up file and following the instruction to install it.
5)click "finished" (you might need to restart your computer but most of the time when I do it at Internet Cafe, I never restart the computer and I can use it)

Just try to do it...

At Mozila Firefox the way, at Mozila Firefox, sometimes we cannot see myanmar font properly, if you already install ZawGyi Alpha, and you still cannot see Myanmar words, just do as follows:
1) Go to "Tools" menu , at the top-left of your screem (if you cannot see it, just press "ALT" Key on your keyboard)
2) go to "Contents" tab
3) look for "Default Font" box
4) Click on the box and Choose your font "Zaw_Gyi_One"
5) Save it and now you can read Myanmar on Firefox.

Good Luck!